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Tinker! : Edition 1 — IndiaHikes

Tinker! is a section of my blogs where we don the hat of a product manager, try to experiment and play around with different online products, and give incremental solutions improving the product. The solutions could range from simple and effective measures to absolute moonshot ideas!

To help us choose what products to work on, we will sometime take inspirations from challenges put up by PM School on Linkedin.


Today’s case study involves the company known as IndiaHikes. IndiaHikes is a trekking company from India which wants to build an online app. We as the head of product, have to devise the same and present our solution to the management.

Note : This case originally appeared on the Weekly Challenge #13 on PM School (link), and the below solution was in lieu of the attempt made for the same!

Challenge highlights :
1. What is the Total Addressable Market (TAM) for this?
2. Features/Value Propositions which will go in the MVP?
3. What will be the monetization model?

Solution Deck —

Total Addressable Market

User Personas —

Needs Identified —

Features/ Overall App Design —

Monetization Avenues

The above is the solution deck created for the challenge. Please do zoom in for a more comfortable reading. Would love to see any feedback/comments that you have!

This was the first of many such product cases we shall be doing.
Till then, keep on Tinkering!

Huge thanks to PM School for this one. They are doing some amazing stuff in the field of product management and education! Do check them out.
Also do check my other stuff out here.



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